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Sequestration to hit Nebraska

Posted: 03/01/13 11:24

First there was the "fiscal cliff" and now the sequester. Nebraska US Senator Mike Johanns says cuts in federal spending will start at midnight if this stand-off doesn't end.  Senator Johanns says the two-and-a-half percent, give or take, is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to fixing the country's spending issues. This will not solve our budget problems. Johanns believes that one of the reasons this country is facing the sequester deadline is that the Senate has failed to pass a budget for many years.

Nebraska military operations might take the biggest hit when automatic spending cuts go into effect tomorrow The Obama Administration says that Air Force operations in Nebraska will be cut by 15 million dollars due to the sequestration. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry acknowledges the cuts could very well spark lay-offs. Fortenberry calls sequestration a clumsy way of cutting the federal budget, but says spending must be cut...and this seems to be the only way it will get done.