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Kautz doubts handgun carry for teachers would pass

This week Sen. Mark Christensen introduced a bill in the legislature that would allow Nebraska teachers and school administrators to carry handguns to schools, with district approval and proper training. Hastings Superintendent Craig Kautz says in Hastings, with a school resource officer, he doesn’t think it would pass. When it comes state funding for public schools, Kautz says they could stand to see some funding return. Hastings Public had its budgets cut during the recession, and it still isn’t at pre recession levels. In fact, Kautz said this year it looks like they’ll be struggling again, especially with a growing population. Kautz was listening when the governor mentioned $1.2 billion in cash on hand. Kautz says he’s not arguing against tax cuts, he’d like to see a balanced approach, so funding can go to agencies that serve kids.