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Flu season picking up

Posted: 01/03/13 08:33

Students return to school as Flu season is picking up steam. The Central District Health Department says about a dozen cases have been confirmed, but KHAS-TV is reporting the actual number may be higher because many people don't get tested to confirm the illness. Flu Season normally is in full swing by late February or early March.

Some of the best cures for cold and flu are in your own kitchen. Dr. Lauren Feder is a holistic and homeopathic specialist and says for those feeling under the weather, stuffy or have body aches can get relief by whipping up her favorite tonic. Dr. Feder says grandma really knew what she was talking about when she pushed garlic as a cure-all. She says it is an excellent antibacterial. She also recommends wearing an undershirt and hat in cold weather, get plenty of sleep and limit sugar intake as it weakens the immune system.