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Legislature continues session

Posted: 03/21/13 08:54

There has been no formal bill that has come out of committee yet in regard to State Aid to schools. Jim Boeve President of the Hastings Public School Board says although State Aid is their main focus this legislative session there are other issues they are keeping in eye on.

Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont today will pitch his bill that would repeal state-funded prenatal care services for illegal immigrants. He's seeking to undo a state law that was passed last year after a bitter fight in the Legislature.

People filled a hearing room at the state Capitol yesterday as lawmakers began looking at a series of gun bills, including two that would attempt to prevent the federal government from enforcing new gun restrictions in Nebraska. Supporters say the bills are intended to protect the rights of Nebraska citizens but Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha says the bills are unenforceable or focus on non-existent problems.