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Sales tax on internet purchases could be coming

Posted: 04/26/13 09:07

Internet shoppers are moving closer to paying sales taxes for their online purchases. But the fight is far from over. The Senate voted 63 to 30 Thursday to advance a bill that would impose state and local sales taxes on purchases made over the Internet. U-S Senator Mike Johanns says the Marketplace Fairness Act is fair to Nebraska businesses. An agreement among senators delayed the Senate's final vote on passage until May 6, when senators return from a weeklong vacation. Opponents hope senators hear from angry constituents over the next week, but they acknowledged they have a steep hill to climb to defeat the bill in the Senate. Johanns says this long debated issue may finally be put to bed. Their best hope for stopping the bill may be in the House, where some Republicans consider it a tax increase. President Barack Obama supports the bill.