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Hastings Public school board meets

Posted: 01/21/14 11:36

Elementary facilities for the Hastings Public School District could receive some much needed expansion and renovations after the May primary elections if voters approve a bond issue. Hastings Public School Board approved a resolution last night to put the bond issue on the ballot.. The bonds are not to exceed $21.5 million. School board member Jessica Meeske says she knows the public wants to know, “Is this $21.5 million really needed, and will it be put to good use?” She says looking at the middle school, history has shown the District is good stewards of the dollar. If the bond issue is approved, Superintendent Craig Kautz believes in about six years time the K-5 building situation should be resolved. Under the Facility Advisory Committee’s proposal, approved by the board, Hawthorne, Lincoln and Watson elementary buildings would be expanded, while Alcott and Longfellow would both be expanded and renovated. Meanwhile, Morton Elementary would be closed with the option of turning it into a preschool hub for the district. One of things the Hastings Public School District would like to do, when dealing with the $21.5 million bond issue, is making it as levy neutral as possible. Nate Eckloff is the financial consultant for the District.

Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial introduced a bill in the legislature that would allow Nebraska teachers and school administrators to carry handguns to schools, with district approval. Superintent Kautz had said he didn’t think the board would support the idea in Hastings. He was right. Monday night the Hastings School Board took an official stance against arming its teachers. Board member Jane Kleeb.