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Mark Sullivan announces run for 3rd District House Seat

Posted: 03/18/13 08:29

Mark Sullivan has decided to seek the Democratic nomination, for United States Representative from the Third District. Sullivan was the 2012 Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives from the 3rd District. He is a lifetime farmer and cattle feeder from Doniphan.  He and his wife Karen have four grown sons, three daughters in-law, and two grandchildren. Sullivan said in his announcement Saturday. “It's been over a year since I filed for the 2012 election.  Sadly the same problems with the budget, gridlock, and political game playing still exist.  We don't have a broken system. We have the best system of government in world.” “I won't represent the Democrats, or the Republicans, or the Tea Party. I will only answer to the Constitution, and the Citizens of the Third District.”