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Legislature moving on several bills

Posted: 03/22/13 09:25

Taxes have been the topic of the legislature this session….and now, A Nebraska lawmaker is proposing a constitutional amendment that would make it more difficult for the Legislature to approve tax increases. Senator Pete Pirsch of Omaha introduced his measure yesterday that would let voters decide whether to increase the threshold for lawmakers on bills that raise taxes. Measures now need a simple majority, or 25 senators voting yes, to pass. Pirsch's proposal would require 29 votes to pass bills that increase taxes.

Lawmakers have given first-round approval to a bill that's intended to reduce the number of incarcerated juveniles in Nebraska and shift the state's focus to treatment. It’s a bill that has the support of Senator Les Seiler. The proposal would require that criminal charges against minors would first be filed in juvenile court. Prosecutors could then seek to transfer a case to adult court by filing a motion.

Lawmakers have begun to debate a bill that would pour new firefighting resources into central and western Nebraska, areas that experienced massive summer wildfires last year.. The measure would place aerial tankers in Valentine and Chadron during fire season, require the state to thin forests, and offer new training to emergency responders, among other steps.