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South Platte River facing heavy floods

Posted: 09/19/13 09:50

The South Platte River looked like a trickle in Western Nebraska before the Colorado floodwaters began to arrive. But the river surged quickly to flood levels near Big Springs, Nebraska yesterday morning. The mostly dry river channel that runs along Interstate 76 and Interstate 80 is expected to overflow as floodwaters move east. Minor flooding issues will be felt in the tri cities as well. Along the Platte River in Dawson and western Buffalo County, a Flood Warning will be in effect starting Saturday and lasting indefinitely until the waters recede. Minor flooding in Kearney is expected on Monday with the peak of flooding 24 hours later. Later next week around Wednesday Grand Island is expected to see fall out from the Colorado flooding as waters in the Platte River are expected to be at 6.5 feet. Mike Morritz with the National Weather Service says the numbers are approximate and could change daily.